RC Patch Download

RC Patch 2.2 (Direct link) - Download/Descargar

Mediafire link - Download/Descargar

- You can Install 2.2 over RC 2.1 or new EE.
- If you want to install AOC as well, then install RC 2.2 after installing AOC.

Note: RC 2.2 is needed for Empire Earth rooms in Gameranger.
For Empire Earth 2.0, Download Alpha 2.8

Play in Lobby here: Neo EE

Patch 2.2 Help !!


Q 1. Patch version "2.20.6885" error.

Solution :

Download and Run this file: Version Fix Download
Go to 'Start' > 'RC 2.2 Update Patch' > Run 'Version Fix' file.

Q 2. Gold Edition versions problems.

Solution: EE version should be 1.00.2020 before installing patch and 2.20.0000 after installing patch.

Some people who have Gold edition cannot have this version because their game files are different. Gold edition has different "Data" folder of Empire Earth and this patch is not designed for versions like this.
2.2 is for install over 1.00.2020 or RC 2.1 only.

Download Emprie Earth 1.00.2020 game version: 


Q 3. I installed RC 2.2 patch on RC 2.1 but the game did not run.

Solution: Your RC 2.1 patch may be corrupted before.

- Uninstall Empire Earth, RC 2.1 and RC 2.2 all from PC.
- Then install new Empire Earth. And only RC 2.2.

It will work after that.

Q 4. My game is not running on Windows 8. What to do?


 Go to game folder, right click Empire Earth.exe and Run as 'Compatibility' mode, Windows XP.

If you still have some problem playing Empire Earth on GR, please comment below and we will try our best to solve the problem.


  1. low power for archerys, why? idiots...

    1. All same like original EE. Thanks.!

    2. el juego me ejecuta pero después de crear una partida y espesarla para se precisos como 2 segundos después se queda congelado y no puedo seguir jugando es mas me toca cerrar cesión o apagar la pc para poder salirme del juego
      agradecería una buena solución a mi problema gracias

  2. the "Version Fix Download" doesnt work.. i keep getting error (509)

    1. The "version fix" file is also in your Game folder. Run from there.

  3. game doesnt work on my windows 8.1 i ran it all compatibility unistialled everything. I have a MSI GS Series GS70 Stealth Pro-212. HELP AND COMMENT PLEASE ILL SEND YOU PICS OF WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE OR YOU CAN TEAMVIEWER AND CONNECT TO MY PC.

    EMAIL: samir_ramadani@live.com
    gameranger: ][DirtyyJerZz][Barbarian][EG][

    1. Try out the NeoEE patch www.neoee.net
      It is more likely to work on Windows 8.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. The cheat codes do not work after the patch install. I tried using in random map mode. Please help.

    1. The cheat codes are disabled with this patch.

  6. why can't support Russian language ?

  7. After installing 2.2 rc patch, gameranger doesn't recoginze the game as "Empire Earth" anymore but as "Empire Earth 2.0" . everyone else still seems to be playing it as empire earth. any idea how I can fix this?

  8. Artillery still overpowered?

  9. not gonna install this crap!
    Removing the Tribute option to eliminate the dimplomacy feature? R u full blown retarded?

    Evemn if it means u can cheat I rather isk a cheater than removing usefull features.
    Play with people u can trust!

  10. u dont even tell whhat are all the changes.
    im literally having an unknown experience.
    Unortunately everyone on GR has installed the damn patch.
    The only thing thats good about the patch is the Atombomber increased attack that makes sense.
    ARtilklery is still OP.
    And FOV ridiculously low.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Hola si lamento molestar pero me gustaria que, en el caso de que se haga un parche 2.3 pase lo siguiente:

    Todas las unidades de la 1ª Guerra mundial y 2ª mundial vuelvan

    Ya que Jugar con las tropas Alemanas me hizo sentir como jugar como el Imperio Alemán en plena gran guerra

    Necesito que se encuentren esas unidades, ademas también pido que meta aviones modernos para sentir mas variacion.

    Ya que el P-38 ES BUENO aligual que el fw 190, pero necesito cazas que de pelea en la edad moderna al f-117 o al <: v f-15 ya que el mig 15 y el shootin star p-80 son cazas modernos y de la epoca de los años 60 y 70

    Ademas estoy casi seguro que la mayoria de aca le gustara esto (Eso incluye el fuerte y el ingeniero, asi como el Oficial Aleman)

    Es todo bnwn7

    Espero tome en cuenta este pedido. No pido nada mas que eso grax

  13. Helicopters are useless. No damn thing has been done about it. Anti tank heli only has 5 range while all other units have 6-7, like wtf. Totally underpowered. And cost 200 gold+iron??? For the same money I get a b2 bomber, that kills 10 units at once. Let alone all the flaks, fighters and anti-air a heli has to face. The heli basically can't operate, and costs 200 iron and gold. A heli should be the most efficient anti ground weapon. More efficient against tanks than anti tank vehicle. Give a heli area damage, that will do the trick, like 5 that's upgradable. And the anti infantry heli gets higher fire rate or damage it must kill infantry much faster than the antitank heli


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